Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Friday: Kristian Schuller Fashion Photography

I stumbled across Kristian Schuller while rambling through the Internet, as I so often enjoy doing, and I thought "THIS is exactly how I would love to be photographed!" Even though I've probably seen his work before considering this Parisian-based photographer is kind of  big name in fashion photography, I didn't realize it. The style of the photos is absolutely eye-catching and each composition manages to capture the essence of movement. But I'm biased because that is my favorite kind of fashion photography, the kind that makes you feel like you're witnessing an incredibly intense moment frozen in time. No pretty models staring off into space for me.

Now I know fashion photography isn't for everyone, it can be a hard thing to love, but just look at these shots! They perfectly capture a very vivid action in time. You can feel the impending disaster in the photo below can't you? What a mess that must have been. I love it. I want some to throw colored powder all over me or let me release 200 balloons. Wouldn't it be fun?

This is exactly why I was drawn into his photography. The tea flowing out of the teapot gives even this very posed photo some motion.

So what do you say? Love it or hate it?

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