Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Design: Wallpaper Inspiration

I used to have the same bias about wallpaper that I think most people do - it's tacky, it's ugly, it's a pain in the butt - but after seeing the resurgence of wallpaper in all different design styles I've developed a deep appreciation of what it can add to a room. The right design can add a touch of whimsey, a level of comfort, or even transport you to a different world within your own home. Sounds amazing doesn't it? If you love design (and I'm assuming if you're reading this you do or you're one of my irl friends [hi!]) you should know exactly what I'm talking about. Painting walls is out and wallpapering is in! Check out these awesome examples I found of how wallpapering a room can totally set the mood for your space. All images via Pinterest. (sorry, I wanted to find the original sources, but it proved to be harder than I thought)

Although most of these photos show rooms being fully wallpapered, the whale wallpaper is my favorite design trick that I've seen used lately - partially wallpapered rooms. I would definitely do half a room like this or even just one accent wall.

This black and white bare tree wallpaper makes this mud room instantly chic. Did you ever think you could say that about a mud room?

Can you honestly tell me this room doesn't make you feel like you're in a forest at midnight? I don't think so....

The carved wooden chairs fit perfectly with the design in the wallpaper behind them. The bright upholstery makes this space completely modern while staying totally classic.

When we moved into our apartment the roommate and I really wanted to make it feel like home so we painted every room a different color. When we finally move out of here and into a bigger place, neither of us wants to paint but I have big plans for the new apartment - whenever that will happen. I am currently trying to convince the roommate that wallpapering one wall in the bedroom is the way to go. One wall. That's it. How bad could it be right?

Have you ever wallpapered a room?


  1. I love the look that wallpaper can bring to a room. (Especially loving the black/white whale print!) Having said that, I would never do it because I have spent hours taking down wallpaper - worst. task. ever.

    1. Ugh, thanks for the info! I did find a few companies that make removable wallpaper, kind of like wall decals, but I'd have to see those in action to believe they're easy to remove.


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