Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Design: 7 Fabulous Kitchen Designs

I don't know what it is about the warmer weather that always makes me want to start using the kitchen more, but it does, like you don't even understand.

I am not a cook. The kitchen is just not where I feel at home. Mostly, I think this is because I've damaged my taste buds with too many jalapenos and too much hot sauce over the years, so I tend to over spice and include too many ingredients. I happen to think most things I cook are delicious, but the roommate? Not so much. This is most often disheartening so I try to stay out of the kitchen until inspiration hits! This is almost always in summer or whenever the weather is warm. Strange huh?

Since my adventures in the kitchen never really turn out all that amazing, I thought I'd stick to something I do know. Kitchen design! It's much easier to offer up 7 cute kitchen designs than a tasty recipe for you all. Hope no one minds ;) So while I pick out the next recipe to burn down my kitchen with, here are 7 kitchen designs that I would love to be playing chef in.

Are you the head chef in your home? What's your favorite dish to make right now?


  1. The green theme kitchen is beautiful, especially the second to the last picture. It's kitchen worktops is beautiful.


  2. Wow a huge transformation of the vintage kitchen to a modern one. How much will it cost if you will have to remodel the entire kitchen?



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