Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Trendspotting: Bird Watching

I think by now we've all seen the "Put a Bird on it" skit from Portlandia or at the very least heard enough about it to know what it's referring to so I won't bore you with too many corny joke references, but I have to admit it's the first thing I thought of when I started spotting bird prints across the world wide interwebs.

I mean it totally makes sense. It is springtime after all. Every spring you'll see florals, pastels, and nautical themes. I like to look out for what else gets thrown into the mix. These flashes of bird prints have been pretty refreshing.  I've been seeing the bird prints on bloggers and in almost every online shop I visit regularly so it's been so hard for be not to cave and buy something! I really like what I found on Dorthy Perkins. You can see the shirt I picked out below, but they have tons of bird print clothing and even the same print in several different styles which I love! Don't you hate finding an awesome print, but wishing it was a dress or shirt or whatever? I hate that, so I love when companies stick with a few different fabrics and turn them into a bunch of different styles. I know Tulle is really good at doing that too. Sorry, my 3 years of working in a small boutique is showing. 

Anyway, birds! They're hot! Get on it! Or something. Besides, they're just a pretty print to have in your collection that will be good for every spring. Some prints are just evergreen.

You know what I want to know:

Hot or not?


  1. i suggested a "put a bird on it" sale at the pres...we're doing it!

  2. Hahaha, love that Portlandia skit. My wallet has a bird on it, and half the time I pay for anything the cashier goes, "ha! you put a bird on it!" (at least the cool places say that, that is)

    Love that first shirt the best! I like that these are all not your typical bird-on-it, but incorporate digital photo prints or graphic outlines of birds (alas, my bird wallet is pretty much straight out of the Portlandia sketch...)

    1. Haha there's nothing wrong with having a wallet that would fit in that skit!


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