Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: The Open Back Edition

Chicago weather is weird. Extremely weird. One week it's 80, the next week it's in the 40s. SO annoying. I'm craving Spring, but I feel like I've gotten everything but. Trying to dress for spring when it still feels like winter is sometimes difficult so I've given up and I'm just dressing for spring no matter what the weather is actually like. Yes, this means that some days I'm really cold, but I refuse to give into you weather!

Today's outfit comes from the above attitude. It was not super warm that day, but I wanted to wear something pretty and spring-y so I popped on these awesome floral pants I picked up a while back. The pants are some sort of rayon/poly mix so they're pretty silky, but something about the shape is still a little structured and refined so I wanted a top that was more playful and fun - like the print. I found this pink open back top in the depths of my closet and tried to make it work. The funniest part about this outfit is that I had forgotten I owned both of these items and I bought them on the same day a while ago. Weird right? So anyway, just like my long floral skirt outfit already showed you guys, spring means pink and flowers to me. The pink floral pants were a perfect fit and they were a little warmer than just wearing a skirt. Not that I'd let the weather stop me from wearing what I wanted! Okay, maybe it wins sometimes. Either way, this outfit was perfect for a not-so-hot spring day. I definitely plan on wearing it again.

Unfortunately for you guys, but fortunately for my wallet, this outfit is almost entirely from Urban Outfitters since there is a Urban Outfitters sale store in Chicago. It also doesn't help that it's pretty close to my house and my boyfriend loves shopping there. Who am I to deny him his shopping trips right? But Urban Outfitters should really hire me. I mean seriously, I'm almost always wearing at least one article of clothing from there.

What item or print are you wearing a ton of this spring?

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