Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Moment of Zen: Spring and Summer Fashion

Does anyone else stress shop or is that just me? It's such a catch22 when I'm stressed over money, but have the urge to buy pretty new things to keep myself distracted! Oh the torture! Well, not really but it does kind of such. So while I'm waiting to win the lottery, I guess I'll just do some online window shopping.

This is a video of the spring and summer collection from Ayres and I totally love it. It's a little bit menswear and military cut, which seems perfect for a summer in the desert. I love the neutrals paired with bright pops of neon colors instead of doing the whole neon explosion thing that's been so hot for this spring. I'm definitely still in the market for a small structured neon cross body bag, but I think I've had a neon overload. I have to try some of the looks from this video though. Oh yea, I'm ready for summer to get started.

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