Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: I Love the 90s Edition

Today's outfit post is brought to you by the number 9, as in the 90s! It was 90s night at a club that some of my friends were going to so I decided to use that opportunity to pull together my best 90s outfit. I, of course, thought that had I been older in the 90s I would have definitely gone the grunge route. I have to admit that even when the 90s were well over, my high school style still pulled a lot of my favorite elements from the 90s. I was always all about mini dresses, big shoes, fishnets, and dark lipstick (and a whole lot of leopard print, but that's a different story). I guess there are some things you never grow out of.

I've already talked about how ultra 90s I think these shoes are, so pairing them with fishnets and plaid was the only possible way I could go. Of course I went to my favorite classic red and blue plaid shirt.

Red Plaid Shirt (similar shirt) - H&M
Short Sleeve Black Mini Dress - Thrifted
Red Heart Fishnets (similar, maybe even cuter!) - Urban Outfitters
Purple Platform Boots (cuter boots, same shape) - Urban Outfitters

I realize that a lot of my outfit posts include clothes from Urban Outfitters. I just want to clarify, I'm not a crazy Urban Outfitters obsessed maniac, they just happen to have a Sale Outlet store in Chicago and I'm a sucker for $5 shirts and $15 shoes. They know how to speak to the cheap in me. Don't judge! (okay, judge away, just don't tell me about it)

I threw in some skull jewelry details because I've been really into skulls lately. Well, that's a weird sentence. I've been really into skull shaped jewelry lately. So there is not a normal way to say that sentence. I've always liked Day of the Dead inspired art and jewelry and luckily for me, skulls seem to be trending right now so I've been picking up pieces left and right. These are just a couple I own.

Anyway, I wanna know! What's your favorite part of the 90s? Scrunchies? Nirvana? Digi Pets?

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  1. oh my. 90s is such a fun time. i love the shoes!


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