Thursday, May 3, 2012

Huge Vintage Haul for the Store!

I am so excited about the stuff I picked up for the Etsy store a couple weekends ago that I just had to share some of it with you guys!

For those of you that don't know, I run a vintage Etsy shop with the same name as this blog. So a few weekends ago I was very graciously invited to a private selling event by Take 2 Vintage and I knew I needed to at least check it out. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was so glad I went! I picked up some amazing pieces to add to the store!

After that, I was totally in the mood to go thrifting so I hopped by a few of my favorite spots and picked up a few more amazing pieces to add to my vintage haul (along with a couple things for myself). All in all it was a great weekend for the store.

Of course, with my GRE test finally coming up this Saturday, I haven't hada a whole lot of time to edit photos so none of this is up in the store yet and all of the photos of the vintage clothes need some seriously lighting help. This is just the super secret sneak preview. Feel free to leave a comment if you see anything that you definitely want to call dibs on. Otherwise, check back in the store next week for all the items from this vintage haul!

I try on all of the clothes in the shop when I'm measuring them to get a gauge for how they fit since vintage sizes have changed so much over the years. It can be hard to list something as a size 12 when it really fits like a 6, so I just plop everything on over my clothes to give a Small/Medium/Large reference. This is why I'm wearing some of the clothes from the haul. This pink dress above is one I almost kept once I put it on (a horrible hazard of owning a vintage shop). It's so cute! The cut is totally Joan from Madmen and the tiny dark pink print on the light pink give it just a little something extra to not be borring. 

I love this top! This shape is actually really popular this summer, but it just makes me think of picnic photos from the 1960s. Add some high-waisted jeans and a bandana in my hair and I'm ready!

Don't these two make a sweet combination?

How 60s boho-chic is this vintage orange floral tunic?

And that's just a snap shot, I still probably have double this amount to put up and 5 or 10 things that I haven't even photographed yet. Phew. Once this GRE test is finally over I'm going to dedicate a day just to getting the store in order. It's going to be a lot of work, but hopefully it'll all be worth it. 

I hope you saw something you liked! If it's not in the store soon, yell at me in the comments ;)

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