Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Trendspotting: Floral Dude Shirts

As we know, flowers come back in style every year for spring and summer. That is just something that will never change because it's just such a logical print to have around during that time. The size, shape, and style may change every year, but the print will always be floral. When I was on ASOS the other day I found an interesting trend in florals: masculine florals. Now I don't know anything about men's fashion (which is why I don't talk about it much) so maybe this is something that comes around every year too, but I can't say I've seen a whole lot of men in floral print shirts that weren't overweight or on a vacation in the tropics.

Anyway, I'm not sure I totally hate this look. I have to say that I am more of a fan of the big print florals than the tiny print for guys. Although, I suppose anything that I've seen in the past dubbed as masculine florals has been the tiny prints.

This is a completely biased opinion because I'm having a small love affair with this male model, but I feel like you need a certain kind of "look" to pull off masculine florals well. If you have some tattoos and look a little rough around the edges, it seems kind of sexy. No? Just me? Alright, I'll shut up now.

What do you say? Masculine florals: Love 'em or too Hawaii Five-0?

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