Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: The Tangerine Tango Edition

Did you really think I wouldn't put up at least one post with the Pantone color of the year? Ok so maybe this shirt is a little more orange than tangerine, but I'm not normally big on orange. This shirt definitely stands out in my closet. I always try to buy items that aren't like other clothes I already have in my closet (it's a good practice, you should definitely try it), but when it comes down to it we naturally buy things that are similar because we like them and are comfortable in them. I'm at fault for sticking to the jewel tone color scheme. This shirt is a standout, even though it is totally simple. Challenge yourself! That's what fashion is all about! So I wore an orange shirt today. What was your challenge?

Alright, honestly time. This is really my I-don't-care-today outfit. When I'm too lazy to try hard I put on pants, some sort of blouse, and statement jewelry pieces. It's perfect for nights out at the bar after a long Friday at work. Just be sure to pop on some wow yet still comfortable heels. Bam! Instant party outfit. We all need one of those. 

These are actually the leopard print booties that I wore in my very first outfit post! Ah, memories. Oh and the same shirt from this post.

A big thank you to my fantastic photographer, who has been super helpful!

So tell me, what article of clothing or color challenges your personal style?


  1. first time looking at your site and i fell in love !! we seem to have a lot in common ! thanks for the added inspiration. i started my blog for the exact same reason as you and that is to stay motivated. keep it up lady !!! ill be back. do you have a button i can share on my page ?

    1. Aw you're too sweet! Thank you for stopping in! I just checked your blog and totally love it, you're right we do seem to have a lot in common. I hope you're blog's working to keep you motivated. I just added a button to my About Me section, thanks for the idea!


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