Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Design: Jayson Home + a Couch Re-do

So my couch has been broken for probably over a year now. The arm is separating from the rest of it and to lessen the issue, the roommate and I took the legs off of it as what was supposed to be a temporary solution. Well, turns out couches are expensive and temporary became long-term very quickly. Every so often I get daydream-y and start window shopping the internet for new couches. And every so often I find some amazing things.

That's how I stumbled across Jayson Home. They're spring lookbook put me in new couch heaven. Of course, it's all completely out of my price range, but that doesn't mean I can't look right? I love the style of the spring/summer collection. It's got touches of mid-century modern yet is so entirely lush and regal. I would definitely enjoy resting my butt in on of these seats. A few of the arm chairs remind me of thrones and what better way to motivate me to blog regularly than to sit in a throne office chair? I must start saving my pennies.

This would be my office chair if I ever owned a big corporation or decided to become an evil scientist. 

Since it's going to be a long time until I can afford something like this, I've been considering other alternatives. This one grabbed me immediately because it's an IKEA hack of my exact couch. Same color and everything! 

How cool looking is that? It would completely solve the problem of the arm splitting because it would be supported now and I could have legs on my couch again! I haven't quite figured out yet if this would cost more to build than just picking up a new couch at the Salvation Army and I would have to try and convince the roommate to build it (I don't quite trust myself when it comes to carpentry), so we'll see. If I do decide to try and jerry rig this together somehow you better believe I'll share pictures!

What's one piece of furniture you wish you could replace or update?

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