Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: The Sexy Summer Nights Edition

I love summer! Well, I mean who doesn't right? Although it can be challenging to find outfits to wear out at night that don't scream slut and still keep you nice and cool. I love this maxi skirt I found at the sale Urban Outfitters by me. That super high slit up the side makes it nice and breezy and ultra sexy. Super important for summer nights out, no? Anyway, I was happy with how this outfit turned out even though what I was trying to highlight were my super sweet floral platform sandals that I have been waiting to wear out until it got warm enough. Well, it's warm enough and I think me and these floral sandals are going to be best friends all summer. Actually, this maxi skirt may pop up in a few more posts as well since I have discovered it is one of the most comfortable things ever.

 Black High Slit Maxi Skirt - Urban Outfitter (similar skirt)
Floral Platform Sandals - Urban Outfitter (similar shoes)
Purple Tank - Don't remember, but also worn here apparently with the same necklace.
Brown Bow Belt - Came with this dress

The black high slit maxi skirt is one that I would recommend as an essential for a lot of girls. Especially tall gals like me. I often find that some cotton maxi skirts or dresses can make you look kind of frumpy and be very unflattering - at least on my body type. If you've had the same problem with plain cotton maxi skirts and dresses, try finding one with a slit or cutting a slit into an old skirt. I feel like this look - showing a little bit of leg - takes away the frumpiness of the straight lines.

What can't you wait to wear this summer?


  1. What can't I wait to wear this summer? Sadly, I love winter. I have a harder time dressing for the summer, because I love layers so much.

    1. Oh I saw that post you did! I also like layers, but hate the cold. Oh cruel catch22 that is my life.

  2. This outfit is perfection! Hmm ... summer ... dresses are definitely the best, I never can get away from a cardigan though super props on showing some skin !


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