Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Design: Elephant Chair

This may be a bit of a secret, but I love elephants! Well, ok to be fair to anyone who knows me irl, I love most animals and sea life. However, there are a handful of animal shapes that if printed on a t-shirt, notebook, or turned into a necklace I will stop in my tracks. Elephants are one of those. They just seem so sweet and have those big floppy ears, how can you not love 'em?

Finding this elephant chair by Maximo Riera was definitely a stopped in my internet tracks moment. It's made with such amazing detail, it looks like it could get up and walk away with you on its back. I'm already imagining the safari themed living room this chair will one day end up in, thick with the smell of mahogany and leather. Or more likely it will end up in some ultra modern apartment bathed in white with pops of color. How I would love to design the room that this little chair is going to end up in. I'm thinking maybe I went into the wrong profession. This elephant chair is actually number four in a series of animal chairs that Riera has been working on and even though I love octopuses (octopi?), this one has to be my favorite by far.

How intense is this all black picture? You can see the extreme attention to detail in this piece. From the eye to the skin, even to the little flaps in the ears. It really is gorgeously crafted.

What do you think? Gorgeous or too creepily realistic?

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