Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Trendspotting: Daring Denim

Have you bought a pari of overalls yet this season? You must have seen them. Seems that overall shorts are all the rage right now. I've even seen some full blown overall outfits. Crazy isn't it? Who would have thought those would come back in style? I haven't decided how I feel about it yet. I can't really shake the Dukes and Hazard, redneck vibe that overalls give off, but some stylish ladies that are far more fashion savvy than I are pulling the look off and well.

Either way, wearing denim in ways that you don't normally is huge for the summer. Besides overalls, I've seen jean vest coming back with a vengeance. I am totally out of the style loop on this one. The closest thing I have is a cropped jean jacket. What is it with this 90s revival of denim wear? Although, I have to admit that I am all about the denim vest. You may see that pop up on here, there is one I've been eyeballing.

The overalls and the denim vest are very grunge revival looks, which is something that's been trending for a while now. Generally, being a child of the 90s, I love the whole new grunge look, but I don't know. Can overalls really make it off the cow farm and back into the city streets?


Overalls one and two

I don't hate this outfit with the overall shorts. It's pretty sweet with those leopard print boots. There's still something about it though that makes me feel like she just stepped off of the farm.

This outfit is actually really adorable. I love how she played up the overall shorts with the frilly top and the pearly necklace. It makes the whole thing much more feminine even though the overall shorts she actually has have some very masculine details. If I were to pick up a pair of overall shorts, it would definitely be these. 

This is my favorite outfit with overalls so far, but I think it's because it's a spin on them. I'm not positive these are even denim, but they are so straight and simple that I love them. I think if you catch me in a pair of overalls, they will have to be some sort of twist on the traditional denim. I saw a couple really cool pairs of vegan leather ones in this article

Again, I love the simplicity of this outfit. The button down shirt and simple black shoes make it seem classic somehow. 

Jean Vest

Again, mixing feminine and masculine with this pretty lace top and the sturdy jean vest

What's easier than adding a little bit of biker chic to your outfit with some motorcycle boots or cowboy boots and some distressed denim? This gal knows what's up.

The vintage shape of this denim vest gives it something a little different from the jean jacket without sleeves that we're all used to seeing. 

Do you see what I'm saying with the whole 90s revival? If you're looking for a few other ways to wear denim or a couple other ways to revive the 90s, check out these items from my shop.

A vintage jean mini dress, 90s floral print maxi skirt with a high slit up the sides, and a fuzzy leopard print mini skirt should be enough to let out your inner grunge child right?

So tell me, how are you wearing your denim this season?


  1. I love overalls!! I have a long and short pair, both from Goodwill. I even wore the shortalls to Pitchfork that one year, remember? I mean, yes, overalls can tend towards looking redneck-y, but there's nothing wrong with a little kitsch. It's hard to find things to pair with them, but usually anything cropped (to show a tiny bit of skin at the waist), or lacy/feminine gives the look a good contrast. And heeled sandals/platforms. I'm not the biggest fan of the socks look however... sort of a little too Lolita?

    1. I do remember that! You did look cute in those. I think the thing is that they look cute on other people, but I just can't seem to see myself slipping into a pair. You know? I do agree with your suggestions though. I saw some outfits like that in my browsing.


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