Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo Friday: Lanvin Fall 2012

If you haven't heard already, Lanvin's Fall/Winter 2012 ad campaign is exploding as big news in the fashion world. Why? Because they're not using models. Well, they ARE using models, just not professional models. Part of the Fall 2012 campaign feature real people - yup, you heard it, real people - to show you that photoshop can make anyone look gorgeous.

All of the people chosen for the campaign look gorgeous all dolled-up in Lanvin and shot professionally. There is no denying that. Paired with the over-crowded, dark, vintage-y backdrop, these models fit the scene perfectly. Honestly, had it not been pointed out to everyone in the fashion would that these were not profesional models, I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it. Well played, Lanvin, well played.

And in case you didn't get enough Lanvin in this post, here is the other side of the Fall/Winter 2012 campaign featuring the "real" models. This is why models are models and not dancers (sorry models).

What do you think of Lanvin's "no models" campaign?

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