Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Friday: Dreamy Photography

I'm going to be honest with you all, it's been a rough couple of months over here at team Stranger Than Vintage. Everything has just seemed to have been falling apart around me and it's been a little difficult to deal. This is why I feel like I've been a pretty bad blogger - regurgitating information without really saying anything about it. That's not at all the type of blogger I want to be. So I'm getting it back together as of right now! Besides, I created this space not as a haven for Negative Nancy's, but as a place where I can share all the beautiful things that make me happy in the hopes that they'll make you happy too.

That's why today's photography loving post is full of dreamy images. These specific photos are from Etsy seller Eye Poetry and they are just gorgeous. I often spend time all over the internet looking for new photographers and beautiful images, but I always forget that there is a huge community of just that on Etsy and I can actually buy framed prints if I fall in love with them. This photographer has a specific eye for all things beautiful and dreamy. Just where my head needs to be for a while...

Aren't they gorgeous? If you fell in love with any of these, please support the artist and pick up a print or an art locket!

How do you escape when you need to dream for a while?

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