Friday, July 13, 2012

Photo Friday: Surf and Sun

Can you believe it's the middle of July and I STILL have not been to the beach. Not even once? I actually live about 5 blocks from the beach too and still nothing. I am a horrible example of a Chicagoan in the summer. Well I have some vacation time coming at the end of the month and I plan on rectifying this situation. I bought a new swim suit and haven't even used it. I'm pissed, and after all that talk about retro swimwear too. So I'm forcing myself to pull out all my cutest beach outfits and get my butt in the sand.

In the meantime, let's gather some sandy summer beach outfit inspiration together shall we? I always tend to lean towards the surfer style California girl beach look, which is why I loved this fashion editorial from this month's Vogue Paris featuring Magdalena Frackowiak. Her tousled hair and big sweaters thrown over tiny shorts and tinier bikinis is how I always imagined I would dress if I lived at the beach. Seems appropriate enough to me.

“Baignade Interdite” : Magdalena Frackowiak : Vogue Paris June/July 2012 : Knoepfel & Indlekoefer

What's your go-to beach style?

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