Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Moment of Zen: Burberry Fall/Winter 2012

I know I'm jumping the gun again in talking about fall and winter already, but you know as well as I that the store are starting to stack up on sweaters, blazers, and all things pre-fall already. So there's no use ignoring it, it's time to get excited! The question is, which collection to be most excited about seeing ripped off in store like H&M and Forever21? For me it's the Autumn/Winter Burberry collection. And it has been since it debuted in early spring of this year, so you know I'm in love. I just adore the full bodied shape of the coats and that this fall collection is bringing back the belted coat. The collection of belts is adorable as well - big statement bows and animal heads. My goal for the winter is to find a similar elastic belt with a big wolf head buckle like in the picture below. How awesome would that be (inner squeeeeeeeee)?

Anyway, check out the full show below and get excited about wearing pretty coats again with me!

What was your favorite fall/winter 2012 runway collection?

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