Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Design: 70s Love

I found this amazing house located in Melbourne that is a 70s design dream! Do any of you remember the set design for Anchor Man? Well I see this as a classier version of Ron's house. Seventies styling is dripping from every inch of this place. You can see it in the exposed large brick walls, the wood accent furniture, and the fun pops of color in the decorative details. It was apparently designed by a stone mason in 1979 which completely explains the gorgeous stone walls. All images via The Design Files.

 The large windows let in plenty of light to beautifully accent the different colors and grains in the stone. It's also amazing how light it seems inside even with the dark walls and deep colors in the furniture.
 The antique record player fits perfectly with the style of the house.

This is definitely a dream home for a lover of the 70s. Even if you are not a fan of 70s design, you have to admit the stone walls and the simple shapes of the furniture make this home seem absolutely down to earth and luxurious at the same time.

Thumbs up from me! Would you live here?

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