Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Design: A Colorful London Home

I have to say for those that love color, this chic London home is a house you could never be sad in. Sleek and modern style paired with luxurious furniture makes this London home feel rich, but the bright and bold colors in every room make it fun. How could you ever have a bad day sitting in a bright lime green chair in a hot pink room? Bursts of color flow from room to room in the same bold scheme which ties every room together into on cohesive piece while at the same time giving each room its own bit of character.

Designed by Rebecca James from the UK design firm Interior Desires, it is a bold and chic style that at times can feel more like a night club design, yet still manages to feel cozy. The three bedrooms are styled with their own individual color schemes, but all flow well with each other and the rest of the house. All images via 1 Kind Design.

Would you live in this technicolor kingdom?


  1. The kitchen with glass roof is epic! If you dine in that place, you can either enjoy the sunlight during the day or the stars at night. Isn't that awesome? =)

    1. Haha totally! This whole house is truly amazing.


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