Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Trendspotting: New York Fashion Week Fall 2012

Normally I hate thinking about next Fall when still in the middle of this winter, especially when the days are just starting to warm up a little. However, when discussing fashion trends it's impossible to hold on to this season when the magical month of fashion has started. The fashion world just wrapped up New York Fashion Week and has moved forward to see what London's top designers have to offer for Fall 2012. I couldn't resist and had to put up some looks from fashion week for fall 2012 from 10 of my favorite designers.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Holy black and white. It's back to the essentials in the fall 2012 collection. I love the thin silhouettes that Phillip Lim creates by piecing together black and white. The straight lines and tailored pieces definitely give a strong menswear touch to this collection. Something else I noticed was the heavy use of metal collar necklaces in the outfits. Now I'm really glad that I made one for myself!
View the whole collection here.

Alexander Wang

Heavy uses of leather and once again a heavy hand in black and white, but this collection feels strong and dominant. Warrior and post-apocolytic are words that come to mind when watching this colleciton walk down the runway. Alexander Wang's fall 2012 collection is ocviously for a woman who is prepared for a fight.
See the entire collection here.


Alice+Olivia's fall 2012 collection is extremely fun, girly, playful, and luxurious. Long lucious gowns pairs and fun party dresses give you lots to choose from if you're going to be shopping for holiday party dresses! I love every piece from this collection and it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to four. Let me just say that hot pink is also in the color pallet for this collection. I adore the way that Alice+Olivia manage to create a harmonious collection, but manage to mix causual, business, dressy. It's fantastic!
View the collection here.

Diane Von Furstenburg

Does Diane Von Furstenburg ever fail to disappoint? The correct answer is no. Each piece in the fall 2012 collection is fun, flirty, and feminine - exactly what you can count on from Von Furstenburg. I saw lots of jumpsuits, colors, and (of course) pattern play. A fun way to bring summer into fall without losing any of the playfulness.
View the entire collection here.

Erin Featherston

Long flowing gowns, sequins, and fun party dresses defined this season's collection. The girl wearing the fall 2012 Erin Featherston collection has too many holiday parties to attended, but more than enough outfits to show up at each on in style.
See the whole collection here.

Jason Wu

Pulling his inspiration from the orient, these pieces are strong with gorgeous embriodered details on lush fabrics. The first word that comes to mind for the Jason Wu collection is warrior. Even though I have never really been a fan of that Asian inspired fashion that was huge some time in the 90s, I would definitely mix and match a few pieces from this collection to add a little punch to my closet.
Find the collection here.


There is something oddly Katharine Hepburn about that first look. The fall 2012 Rodarte collection has straight, boxy shapes, yet is uniquely sweet and feminine at the same time. Something that I think is difficult to pull off. The fabrics, shapes, and hair make me think of updated war-era and I love every piece. I think Katharine would approve.
See the collection here.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang's fall 2012 collection is all about the neutrals, but she did some amazing things with pattern play and flowing fabrics that draw your eye without over powering it. What I wouldn't give just to be able to try on that last number. Doesn't it look amazingly light?
Find the collection here.


Another neutral heavy collection, it seems that the neon mania of 2011 is subsiding. To be honest, I wasn't overly impressed with the Philosophy collection, however I did enjoy the interplay of metallics with neutrals. The shapes were retro and classic, yet mixed with some heavy menswear influences. I could see pulling pieces out and mixing them, but as a whole it was a bit too bland for my tastes.
Find the collection here.

Rebecca Minkoff

Any time I see the first outfit in a collection and think "Are those sequin pants?", it is immediately a win. That's why I'm giving Rebecca Minkoff's fall 2012 collection three thumbs up! Granted, I'm completely biased because I have a huge girl crush on her at the moment, but take a look for yourself and tell me if you don't agree. I love the bright (not neon) colors mixed with bold prints. Everything about this collections is ready-to-wear. I could easily see girls walking through the streets of downtown Chicago wearing every one of these pieces.
Find the collection here.

So there you have it, some of my favorite deisgners from New York Fashion Week Fall 2012. What were some of your favorite looks?

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